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The MultiSensory Event Launch


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The words “Tasting Colour” appear finger-painted on a colourful background, surrounded by confetti

The launch of A Blind Bit of Difference is an exciting event that opens with a mouth-watering ‘Tasting Colour’ buffet extravaganza! Fully facilitated by the student-poets (AKA awesome ‘metaphorical wizards!) the audience will be prompted to create their very own colourful language ‘out loud’ using taste and smells – celebrating our connectedness through the joy of food! We will playfully ‘induce’ you with synaesthesia to magically morph and crosswire your senses!

Students will perform Spoken Word & Sound Poetry alongside the electrically incredible Zara Jayne (Deafblind actress & poet), the audaciously talented Abi Palmer (Multidisciplinary Disabled Artist & poet) & the unbelievably inspirational Miss Jacqui (Disabled performance poet, Spoken Word facilitator & proud wheelchair user!). Our intoxicatingly dynamic Resident Sound Poetry Composer & ‘Poetry DJ’  Stephanie Singer will record the ‘Tasting Colour’ talk, remix their sounds & voices & create an audio “mash-up”! There will be top-notch ‘Pop-Up’ Performances from Extant Theatre’s ‘Catching the Ghost’ from the dangerously dynamic duo of vision impaired actors Chris Campion & Steven George. The event will end with book sales of ‘A Blind Bit of Difference’ and student-poet signings from Joseph Clarke School! Throughout the extravaganza Our ‘Tasting Colour’ Chef Adam Thomason will create an exciting area exploding with many smells and tastes! 

There will be large projected text & BSL throughout.

This event will be be filmed by Kate Dangerfield of the ‘Accessible Film Project’ (BFI/ Sense) and live streamed for those who are not able to attend the launch in person due to their needs or disabilities.

The Books


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The words “The Books” appear finger-painted on a colourful background, surrounded by confetti

Click the link above to find out more about why everyone is raving about A Blind Bit of Difference!

“This is an explosion of a book; feelings, thoughts, memories, hopes, attitudes and more whizz through the air and land in our minds. I feel privileged to read it. Please read it too and share your favourite poem with someone. These young people are poets!”  - Michael Rosen 

“It’s amazing to see young minds at work, improvising Spoken Word, out loud, free of their Braille machines, whilst breaking out into the new found confidence of life changing performance!” – Zara Jayne, Artistic Director of the inclusive ‘In Sight Theatre

“This book is alive with colour and imagination. The students take you on a vivid journey of exploration, taking the senses beyond what is seen and into a world deep with meaning, poignancy and texture. A joy to read.” – Kara Jarrold, Head of Arts and Wellbeing at ‘Sense’ National Deafblind Charity

“Since reading my head is full of rusty wire flamingos slicing through sound to find their soft and fluffy fathers! The poems create their own visceral and powerful landscape where feelings and the senses collide to make a sense of their own. It’s an important book, and most beautifully, it rings of a freedom that the poets discovered through writing and synaesthetic metaphor”. – Stephanie Singer, Creative Director/ Composer of sensory art and experience ‘BitterSuite’ and ‘Open Senses Festival’ 

The Project


Image Description: Photograph with Resident Poet and Sensory Poetry Educator Amy Neilson Smith and English teacher Megan Gosling, alongside a group of eight student-poets (AKA metaphorical wizards!) with pink, yellow, red and blue helium balloons floating in the air on strings. The student-poets hold Open Senses Festival flyers and several posters for the A Blind Bit of Difference book.

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The words “The project” appear finger-painted on a colourful background, surrounded by confetti

Find out what the Arts Council England funded project “A Blind Bit of Difference” is all about! Learn all about “Tasting Colour” - the process by which Amy Neilson Smith facilitated such wonderful poetry with her “metaphorical wizards” at Joseph Clarke School! Discover our diff-abled Featured Artists and be inspired by their former and upcoming projects! Explore the Research and Development page to see how art becomes action! Our Blogs & Pods section is filled with exciting written and audio pieces well worth experiencing!